Spring 2015 Trip

The Haiti trip of March 2015 was amazing! We were able to connect with families and see so much progress in the village of Chauffard.

Seeing Saintelise smile after suffering from a cleft lip and palate for 14 years was the best feeling ever! She was all smiles thanks to Smile Train.Saintelise and Jenny

It is CPI’s goal to visit the home of every student in our school. On this trip, we found the homes of students we had not visited before and dropped in on old friends as well.

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Chauffard’s adult population is about 98% illiterate. We started a literacy program 1 1/2 years ago and the adults are learning to read their Bibles but we found out that only 2 of the 17 had Bibles. We will be bringing those in July! Also they were learning to write but had very little supplies so each student got a school packet of paper, pencils, and pens. They are learning to write their names- a huge feat for someone who never learned to read or write before now.

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Because of the penny drive at Cleveland Court Elementary in Lakeland, Florida, we were able to feed the school a beans and rice lunch. No bellies were hungry that day!

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The church leaders in the community work very hard to support the church and its people. We had a luncheon to honor them with food, gifts, and BINGO!Adult Ministry

We are gearing up for another trip this summer. Are you interested in helping out? You can contact us using this site and we will get in touch with you!