Redefining How We Do Mission

Cornerstone School Students

We have been in Chauffard for 6 years now! I can’t believe it….we have learned from what we have done well and what we haven’t. Being in a different country with its own culture and set of challenges has grown me in so many ways. For lots of reasons, we have decided to make some changes to improve our relationship with the community of Chauffard and strengthen CPI Haiti.

1. The government has become more insistent on implementing requirements of the schools in Haiti and our school is following these guidelines. As a result, CPI is taking on more responsibility in helping the school meet these mandates. This requires additional work on the US side and more intensive work on trips to Haiti. It is a very positive change. Where before the government did not allow schools in Haiti to start before October, they are now starting schools in September. One reason for the change is that test scores 2 years ago were very low in the country (although we had 12 out of 13 pass) and the President is working on a plan to improve the educational system. Such a blessing!
2. The government is no longer giving a statewide test at the end of 6th grade. The school in Haiti and CPI are working hard to create a way to assess the students successfully at the end of 6th grade since their first official assessment will not be until 9th grade with the current changes.
3. Since schools will no longer be tested in 6th grade, they are making our schools K-9th grade. They are asking us to add these last 3 years of school to our existing school. We are not able to do so at this time because of funding but this is a goal we have for the next 18 months.
4. CPI has spent the last 6 years taking groups on trips. I know that this has blessed many. As we have reassessed our goals and our vision for the village of Chauffard, we have decided to no longer take groups. The amount of work for us (a staff of 1), the administrative challenges, the financial strain it puts on CPI, and the liability it creates for CPI and us as a  family has proven to be too much. We will take task forces of a few people to assist me in work on the school and specific people if we have construction projects, medical clinics, etc. but at this time we will not be accepting groups. This may change over time but for now we need to steer our focus more intensely on  the community and school in Haiti and work through the challenges there.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. My email is
We are excited about the future of Cornerstone School and CPI and I hope you will join me in prayer as we continue this venture.
Jennie Ellis