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Education is what they need….

  We have been in Chauffard, Haiti for 10 years and have seen our school grow from 20  students to 250. FREE. Our school is completely. free. That is practically unheard of in Haiti.  But we know that education is the way out of poverty. We need 30 people to give $30 a month in […]

Sponsor a child and change a life!

  These students are available for sponsorship! CPI Haiti has a free school in a rural village in Haiti and the school is funded solely by donations. By sponsoring a child you are giving him or her an opportunity to go to school. Please click on the “child sponsorship” tab to see how you can […]

Haiti after the hurricane

The village of Chauffard is 20 miles from Port au Prince and in a remote, mountainous region where aid and assistance from the government or NGO’s is nonexistent. They are a forgotten people who live as farmers and have no electricity or running water. The closest water source is a strenuous 1 1/2 hour hike. […]

You CAN make a difference…..

I often wonder if my life matters. I want to make sure that what I do has value and that my family’s resources are used for a greater purpose than ourselves. One of the best ways our family invests in the global good is through our work with CPI Haiti. You can go to the […]

Back from Haiti!!

We had an amazing trip! We have so many projects we are working on and cannot wait to share them with you! New students will be available for sponsorship this week and we need your help!  Visit our latest blog here.    

How do we feed them?

School is soon to start in Chauffard, Haiit! Our sponsorship program covers all the costs of running a school with one exception….. feeding the students. They spend a 6 hour day in the classroom (minus 20 minutes that they walk outside for recess without anywhere to play) and go home hungry. There are times that because […]

Redefining How We Do Mission

We have been in Chauffard for 6 years now! I can’t believe it….we have learned from what we have done well and what we haven’t. Being in a different country with its own culture and set of challenges has grown me in so many ways. For lots of reasons, we have decided to make some […]