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Cornerstone School Sponsorship Program

The children of Chauffard are eager, intelligent, and filled with potential. They simply need the opportunity to have that potential shaped and released through the gift of education. Will you become a sponsor and change a child’s life?

The Chauffard Community School was started as a partnership between CPI and the Cornerstone Church in Chauffard, Haiti. The school is located in a mountainous, farming community 20 miles  southeast of Port au Prince, Haiti. As in most rural areas of Haiti,  nearly 50% of school age children do not attend school which has led to a 70% illiteracy rate in Haiti. The few schools that exist in  these rural areas lack the funds necessary to provide adequately  for teachers and students. The parents are subsistence farmers who live off less than $1 a day.

In 2010, our school had 2 teachers for our 40 students. After the earthquake, the number of students has grown to 128. Needless to say, we need more teachers. In addition to more teachers, the school desperately needs benches, desks, textbooks and the ability to provide a meal each day for the children who are often times walking for miles to attend. So, we decided to invite all of our friends here in the U.S. to make a difference by sponsoring one of these children and establishing the school as a source of hope for years to come.

What You Can Give: $30/mo

  • More teachers per student

  • Books and School Supplies

  • One Meal a Day

What You Will Receive

  • Picture and Bio in the mail within one week

  • Quarterly Letters and Updates from your child

  • Opportunities to send letters and packages through our team