Haiti after the hurricane

The village of Chauffard is 20 miles from Port au Prince and in a remote, mountainous region where aid and assistance from the government or NGO’s is nonexistent. They are a forgotten people who live as farmers and have no electricity or running water. The closest water source is a strenuous 1 1/2 hour hike.

The great news is that we built a school and church in 2012 that we made storm ready. It was reinforced structurally to serve as a shelter and for that reason we had no one in the village injured during the storm. They were able to relocate to the shelter and were protected. A tree fell right next to our building but did not hit it.

One part of our school where the cistern is did get a tree that landed on it but fortunately it was minimal damage.



As far their tin roofed lean-to homes, there is not much left of what they had. Most of them lost their roofs and their belongings were drenched. Because they are resourceful and resilient, they were hanging out their clothes today to try to salvage what little they do have.



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Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Much of it lacks trees because it is often used for charcoal.  Many of the ones that did exist were lost during the hurricane.





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The earthquake of 2010 was devastating to Haiti. Now Hurricane Matthew has destroyed what little they had rebuilt and what little they have. Their crops have eroded, their homes are damaged, and they already survive on small rations of food that they get from their small farms.

The rocky, muddy road we travel to get to Chauffard has eroded to where it is not usable in some spots.


The church and school near us lost their roof.


And still the Haitian people continue to persevere through the loss and the damage.


They desperately need our help to buy building supplies, begin to fix the road, and bring in tarps, food, and water.

Will you help?  

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